Kostia, born in 1974, is a designer.


His motto: "Sublimation of matter"


For each piece produced, Kostia tells a story inspired by a forest of symbols, references and emotions. Of  this process are born works on the border between Furniture and Art, each of which adds a verse to the poetry of the subtle.

The Scène Ouverte, Diane de Polignac and Dutko Galleries in Paris represent Kostia.


The beautiful houses such as those of the Hotel du Crillon, the Ledoyen restaurant, the hotel Lutetia or La Reserve, also appreciate his work. 

In 2018, it is the prestigious institution France’s National Furniture acquired Kostia creations, 


Kostia was labeled Manufactured in Paris in 2017 and 2019, exhibited at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Berlin for the JEMA of 2018.

In 2019 he participated for the second year at the Collectible design fair in Brussels in March, then in April at ArtParis ArtFair in Paris with Ideat magazine, then for the 1st time in September at PAD London with Galerie Dutko.

In 2020, the Galerie Scène Ouverte exhibits him at the Collectible fair in Brussels.

Photo credit: Louis Teran

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